Pug puppies

The Pug remains one of the most popular breeds to own.  Pugs may be small in stature, but they have big personalities and are extremely intelligent little dogs. 

They are confident by nature with an affectionate and mischievous side to their natures that endears them to just about everyone they meet.  They adapt well to family life and other lifestyles which are just some of the reasons they have remained popular today.  Pugs are incredibly people-oriented and hate it when left on their own for any length of time, but once you’ve shared a home with a Pug, there’ll be no going back.

All our puppies come with:

Full Vet Check

We provide the puppies first vaccinations accompanied by a signed vet card & treated for fleas and worms to date

FREE Insurance

4 Weeks FREE Pet Insurance • Microchipped, which will be registered online by us while you wait, to you as the new owner

FREE Essentials

Puppy training pads for the journey • Puppy Pack containing Royal Canin Mini Junior and lots of handy information

More about Pugs

Pugs are renowned for their kind, sweet natures which is why they have remained such popular companions throughout the centuries. Some people say that sharing a home with a Pug is more like living with a small child than a dog, which is especially true when it comes to their need for attention. Pugs are ultra-sociable and they thrive on being around people. 

Being highly intelligent, Pugs also need to quite a bit of training and it’s important to handle them gently yet firmly because they can be mischievous and naughty at times. It would be fair to say that Pugs need more time spent on their training than a lot of other breeds just for this reason. It’s also worth bearing in mind that these little dogs remain extremely puppy-like throughout their lives which is why they are such great fun to have around.

Pug Puppies for sale

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